How can we help you?

You've been many Sumolings asking us what our added-value was compared to other products presented by Appsumo, respectively ShortPixel and Gumlet. Based on Sumolings' feedbacks, Gumlet's comparative grid (thank you for sharing, we like crossing views on benchmarking 😉) and our own research, we've built the following comparison tab:

Deal termsShortpixelGumletCloudimage
- Unlimited resizes NOYESYES
- Unlimited imagesNOYESYES
- Delivery aliases??YES
- Origin URL whitelistingNONOYES
- CDN Cache invalidation (per image or all)?NOYES
- Custom CNAME and free SSL certificateNONOYES
- URL signature NOYESYES
- Multi-storage integration (S3, GCS...)?YESYES
- Integrated DDOS ProtectionNONOYES
- Wordpress PluginYESYESYES
- Magento IntegrationNOYESYES
- Prestashop IntegrationNOYESTBA
- Advanced monitoring & analyticsNOYESYES
- Multi-tenant: manage multiple projects from 1 consoleNONOYES
Image optimizationShortpixelGumletCloudimage
- Responsive Images plugin (JS, React, Angular)?YESYES
- Lazy Loading?YESYES
- Auto-Image OptimizationYESYESYES
- 360° views pluginNONOYES
- Smart/Face-DetectionNOYESYES
- Image to PDF conversion?YESYES
- WatermarkingNONOYES
- JS and CSS CDN delivery and minificationNOYESYES
- SVG optimization?YESTBA

Cloudimage's focus is really on acceleration, time savings with image management and simplicity of use. Some details about how it transpires in our features:

Image Optimization

We have developed our own AI-based image compression and image recognition algorithms to help with face/object recognition, which come in handy if you want to crop to a face or blur faces on images. Feel free to create a free account and then get the AppSumo offer. We also provide some plugins to build 360 views (

CDN and Caching

The idea of Cloudimage is to replace your CDN provider (Cloudflare for ex.) and any other Image management solution as we take over DDOS protection with our CDN. You might ave seen us referring to "Premium CDN": we advise the customer to use the best options among different providers. If Cloudfront is our CDN per default, we can easily switch to another provider (CDNetworks, Fastly,...) if it meets the client's demand. We benchmarked the best CDNs on the market price- and support-wise to guarantee the most effective worldwide delivery and traffic spikes absorption.

If you still want to keep Cloudflare, then you can easily integrate it with Cloudimage: we deliver images over a sub-domain (custom CNAME available) and you can set up DDOS protection on this sub-domain. Happy to talk about it offline, simply email with your detailed questions and our Team will be happy to assist.

We also provide a very flexible invalidation to flush your images (one or all) from the cache if you update them without changing their names / URLs. Besides, Cloudimage includes a middle caching layer that increases the performance of the resizing delivery to the CDN.

Responsive Design Plugin

Cloudimage's Responsive Plugins can be implemented in several way (plain JS, lazyloading, blurhash). The resizing rounds up the image size to nearest 5 or 100 multiple to save on image caching -> it's fully customizable on the user's end. Check our docs:


Cloudimage prefers allowing the users to implement their own CName(s) to preserve the ranking of their website's images. We didn't go for canonical tags as they can be skipped by Google in some cases. Only few information about the output of using canonical tags are available on the web, we'll refer to John Mueller's (Google Switzerland) insights on this one:

Some additional differentiations

  • European-based company (French), hence we are very strict about privacy and GDPR
  • Big focus on CDN performance
  • Competitive pricing for larger volumes of CDN traffic due to the fact that we deliver ~ 1 PB of images per month over our CDN
  • Live Chat available
  • Support available in 3 languages (English, German, French)
  • Clear Documentation and UI: accessible for non-tech users
  • We work with large corporate clients: you can trust us to scale with yo
  • We provide other products for image upload and cloud storage (check out Filerobot)