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How to check if the plugin is working?
After you install the plugin and add your token, you need to choose the setting, which is suitable for your website. We have JavaScript mode and Backend mode (default one). In short, choose JavaScript mode if:

  • you have a static website;
  • you are not using WYSIWYG redactors;
  • you don't have too many background images.

The backend mode is for you if:

  • you have WooCommerce website;
  • you use Elementor;
  • you use JavaScript-heavy theme;
  • you have a lot of content on each page.

After choosing the best mode, you need to refresh the cache to see the changes. If you use the backend mode - you can check in the Admin section -> Gallery, that your images are prefixed with your token. If you use the JavaScript mode - go to the frontend part and see if your <img> tags have an attribute "ci-src". That usually means, that our JS plugin is enabled and working fine.